"Items needed For Veterans"

Wish List, updated 02/26/2019

​-Cereal, individual size and large bags/boxes 
-Flash Drives any size (many Veterans keep all their information on flash drives)

- Backpacks

- Gallon size zipper style baggies (to protect belongings inside backpack)

- Rain Poncho's

- Foot Powder

- Small flashlights: hand crank, solar, battery operated.      

 - Batteries AA, AAA cell

- Insect Repellent

- Sunscreen

- Bus Passes (needed for Veterans with no personal transportation for Dr's appointments, job searches, V.A. appointments, ect.)

- Gas station gift cards (needed for Veterans with transportation for  Dr's appointments, job interviews, V.A. appointments, ect.)

 - Please remember ANY hygiene item or clothing item that you need on a daily basis are the same items that our homeless and at risk veterans need on a daily basis.

- $Monetary Donations$ help to purchase items in larger volume at greatly reduced prices through our networks. 

Please make checks payable to:

Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas
4900 S. Lancaster Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75216

(214) 372-8822 Main

"Items Needed for the Center"

Updated 02/26/2019

- Freezer(s) to hold frozen food

- Washer(s)/Dryer(s)

- Coffee

-Bottled Water
- Heavy Duty Shower Curtains
- Towels
- Washcloths

- Walk-in cooler and freezer or a combination unit.  

- Fork Lift to unload trucks for the Center

We would like to expand services to provide donated furniture and other household items needed for Veterans and their families as they move from shelters or off the street into apartments. and housing.

- A box truck to be used for picking up donations.

"Thank you for your generosity and commitment to helping our Veterans in need."